Roles and Responsibilities

In large initiatives, there are many contributors, and each one is critical to the project’s success. However, project leads often overlook the importance of discussing roles and responsibilities. This conversation, though sometimes challenging, is essential for setting the right expectations for everyone and for creating a transparent and agile environment. First, decision-making is crucial in … Read more

Lean but Focus

One of the common misconceptions among many senior leaders in large companies is that technology can be built or challenges can be solved faster if we add more engineering resources. This might be true for very mature products that need incremental changes, but when it comes to innovation, building from the ground up, or finding … Read more

Success and Risk Adverse

LinkedIn AI today is highly risk-averse, and part of my commitment is to create a culture that encourage teams to understand how to undertake and get inspired to take on more risky initiatives. Nearly all AI team projects and initiatives at the moment are short-term focused with a very high likelihood of success. Over the … Read more

A or B – which option

We often argue about different options (or solutions) and try to pick the best option among the ones on the table. Sometimes you are one of the parties making the argument, and sometimes you are the one who ultimately needs to pick the suitable options—in either case, discussing options and which one to choose is … Read more

Blog Migration

For eight years, I have been using Blogger for my writing and blogging. Back then, blogging was “cool,” and Blogger was one of the best platforms. Over the years, it became harder for me to customize Blogger to my need. It was challenging to change its layout, have some custom plugins like writing latex, and the most … Read more